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Full text of "The Courts Of Europe V-Ii"

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COURTS   OF   PARIS,   NAPLES,   ETC.                323

the place be what it will," I said, " I will
go no further, and must beg room for me and
mine;" at the same time expressing my astonish-
ment and vexation at the gentleman sending me
on such a wild-goose chase.

At the mention of his name, they exclaimed
I was right and this was the place. I here found
two of my acquaintances upon the same round,
and we made the best shift we could; but our
generous landlord had sent no provisions and no
orders, except to let us in; all we had was an
egg apiece, a bottle of wine, one bed (a hammock)
and a mattress on the floor, which we tossed up
for, and slept very well.

Next morning we resumed our journey and
preceded the great cavalcade. It was three miles
to Orima; the road broad and green, cut through
the forest. Remark that none had ever been
before in that place, unless Columbus drove about
in his curricle. When we arrived we found all
the Indians in gala, going to high mass, and
carrying in procession a statue of St. Paul, which,
from its beauty, must have been one of their old
pachacamaes newly painted, and armed with sword
and crown.

The village is large, has three or four streets,
and a large square neatly built. On one side is